PDT specializes in the manufacture and sales of factory automation facilities such as Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and FPD manufacturing equipment


Functional Features

This equipment inspects the appearance of the object optically and judges ammunition by its image processing using PC.
The appearance of the densified printed substrate cannot be inspected because of the fine pattern of holes and parts.


Model name PA-500 Series PA-800 Series
Camera 1 Center Camera : 5Mega Pixels 1 Center Camera : 8Mega Pixels
Resolution : 2,448 * 2,050 pixels Resolution : 3,296 * 2,472 pixels
Field Of View 32mm x 27mm 43mm x 32mm
Inspection Speed 3,298㎟/sec 5,334㎟/sec
Inspection Resolution 13.07㎛ 13.04㎛
Repeatability ± 10㎛
Inspection Item Lift Component, Bridge, Insufficient Solder, Open Solder, Missing Component,
Shift, Skew Component, Polarity, Manhattan/Tomb Stone, Turnover, 
Wrong part(OCR Character), Pad Scratch, Foreign of component,
Flied component under QFP/BGA package (with Laser)    
Light 3-Layer Lighting(Vertical, Horizon, Coaxial or Middle), 
4 Split Lighting
Lens Telecentric (standard)
Normal (factory option)
Software Operating System Windows  XP
Power Requirements Single-Phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Air Supply Requirements 5㎏/㎠±10%