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Scriber System

Functional Features

This equipment is a device that scribes using a wheel to separate the aligned disc glass combined with TFT Glass and C/F Glass into sticker units or cell units.

Manual Scriber

IN-LINE Scriber & Break System

Functional Features

- Glass Thickness : 0.2~0.7mm
- Disc Glass : Max. 1100 x 1300mm (Gen.5)
- Properties
-> 6 Heads : Concurrent Operation Possible (Multi Head)
-> Cylinder + Tension Head : Thin Plate
-> Automatic Loader/Unloader


- Manual Scriber/Break System
- SEMI & FULL IN-LINE Scriber/Break System(Single/Multi)
- AMOLED Scribe System
-> Stick or Cell Cutting Type


Items General Specifications
Machine Type Off Line Type
Scribe Accuracy ± 40㎛ Below
Cutting Method Cell
Dimension 1,800(L) x 2,350(W) x 1,810(H)
Scribing method Work 移送
Pass Line 950mm
Head quantity 6 Set
Glass Size Max 750mm * 750mm(Table Size ⇒ 790mm x 790mm
Glass thickness 0.4mm ~ 1.4mm
Control Method PLC
Data Input Touch Panel