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Cover Glass CNC

Functional Features

As a CNC equipment for processing general and strengthened glass, it can achieve processing quality of various glasses through its glass hole processing which has excellent continuity and productivity.



Items PTG-650S Specifications
Processing Product Size 4 ~ 13 Inch
Max. : 330mm x 220mm
Min. : 55mm x 110mm
Thickness : 0.4mm ~ 2mm
Number of Processing Stage 6 Stage
Number of Processing Tables >1-3 Table/stage
Work Transfer >Auto Transfer Loader System
Number of Spindle 1 Spindle/stage
Max. Spindle Rotation Speed 125,000 rpm
Spindle Motor Output 1KW
Tool Fitting Method Collet Chucks
Tool Change ATC(Auto Tool Changer)
CNC Method Wet Processing
Available Processing Fluid Soluble Processing Fluid
Glass Positioning Method Automatic Position Detection By Image Processing
Processing Accuracy ± 20 ㎛ 
Vision ± 10 ㎛ (Align Accuracy)
Size 5,820mm(W) * 3,150mm(D) * 1,940mm(H)
Power 380V, 3Phases, 50Hz
Weight 10,000kg (less than)



Items PHG-610S Specifications
Product Size Max 320mm*190mm,Min 40mm*30mm, t 0.3mm~2mm 
Stage  4~6’’ / 60mm*45mm ~ 130mm*80mm : Glass 18ea 
7” / 130mm*80mm ~ 190mm*140mm : Glass 12ea 
7” ~ 13” / 190mm*140mm ~ 320mm*190mm : Glass 6ea 
Spindle 125,000rpm, 750W
Collets  Chuck : ID 6.0mm
Accuracy ± 0.025 mm
Stage 6 Stage
Loader & Unloader Automatic Loader Cassette : 2 ea, Un Loader Cassette : 3 ea ) 
Camera 1ea
Pass Line 950 mm
Utility Vacuum Pump, Chiller, FUME Gas Collector, Fluid cutting oil supply  Unit
Controller PC + Controller ( UMAC )
Size 3,100mm(W) * 5,500mm(D) * 1,850mm(H)
Weight 9,500 Kg