2016 Mar. - Holding corpotation established in Myanmar Feb. - In strategic business partnership with Namwoong Electronics Wonkwan E&T, Samboo Systems and Nine Telecomnet. 2015 Nov. - Exclusive distributor of FOTON Auto in Jeollabukdo Oct. - Registered as Singaporean government procurement May. - Registered as vehicle manufacturer Jan. - Registered as Korean government procurement 2014 Oc t. - CE Certification/ Entered the Gimje Free Export Zone A ug. - K Cs Safety Certification J un. - D esignated as a Prospective SME Exporter M ay. - MAIN-BIZ (Technology Innovative Company) C ertification APr. - INNO-BIZ (Management Innovative Enterprise) Certificate/ UN Procurement Registration 2013 Apr. -. Qualified for Center of R&D -. Applying for industrial Property Right(Patent-1) Mar. -. Applying for industrial Property Right(Patent-1) 2012 Oct. -. Qualified for ISO 9001/14001 -. Registration of trademark (No. 40-0937252) -. International patent application (PCT-1, Trademark-1) -. Having Partnership with Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Sep. -. Recognized as a company of 'Clean Place of Business' -. Obtained certification for the company specialized in component and materials Aug. -. Designated for the Small and Medium Business -. Company's Process Innovation and Development Support Project. Jul. -. Designated for Research Institute Superior -. Technology Commercialization Support Project. -. Registration of patent of invention (NO.10-1164642) -. Having partnership with GO-ho Industry(Inc.) for export and technology support -. Won-Kwang Univ’s family cooperation. Apr. -. Applying for industrial Property Right(Design-1, Trademark-1) Feb. -. Jeollabukdo Automobile Technology Institute's family cooperation. 2011 Dec. -. Having partnership with Ho-Ryong(Inc.) Oct. -. Qualified for venture company -. Qualified for Exclusive Department of R&D -. Applying for industrial Property Right(Utility model-1, Design-1, Trademark-2) Jun. -. Having Partnership with INCORETECH(Inc.)(Korea GM) Jul. -. Jeon-ju Machinery Carbon technology Institute’s family company Apr. -. Designated for preliminary Technology Promotion Company : The Small and Medium business Administration Mar. -. Establishing ANK(Inc