The pick-up truck mounted aerial work platform


- Safety First - designed & developed for aerial work only.
- Aerial platform with KC [Korea Safety Certificate]
- Maximum working height is 23.5 meter / 27.5 meter.
- Maximum outreach is 14 meter / 16 meter.
- Available chassis – 3.5 ton short axle truck / long axle truck.


Hetronics transmitter[All joystick type]

Hetronics wire transmitter is standard control device of this model.

Remote control system

It is developed by high technology of the company and applied the program, which is suitable for the capacity of this aerial platform to operate smoothly and safely.

Power switch box

Each manual function such as outrigger stabilization, bucket tilting, bucket rotation and emergency stop can be selected.

OptionRemote control outrigger control system

As an exclusive valve, which controls outrigger by wire transmitter, can be installed.It is possible

Hydraulic winch

Max lifting capacity of winch is 300 kg.

Oil cooler

As it adopts oil cooler both for automatic and manual, it maximizes efficiency for long term operation. When oil temperature rises over the optimum level, the oil cooler runs automatically.

Main valve

It is a valve to be controlled by remote control. Safety function to prevent operation by unauthorized person is built in.

High pressure filter

It is possible to solve the unsafe movement caused by foreign substance into the oil.