The pick-up truck mounted aerial work platform

DHS 950L

- Maximum outreach is 7 meter.
- Available chassis – 1 ton truck.
- Maximum working height is 10 meter.
- Aerial platform with KC [Korea Safety Certificate]
- Safety First - designed & developed for aerial work only.


FRP bucket for 2 person

It is convenient to get in & off the bucket for operator. Safety sensor is installed to protect door opening

Remote control system

All electronic control system is designed by our own unique technology.  

Front & rear outrigger

Front & rear outrigger are operated by hydraulic power. 

Bucket work bench [Detachable type]

It is so useful to keep small hand tools for aerial work. It can keep 5kg’s tools on the bench.

Multi section special aluminum hexagonal boom

To reduce the weight of aerial platform itself, special aluminum boom was developed and adopted by the company.

Front/Rear outrigger

A-type front outrigger, H-type rear outrigger have been applied in side the vehicle to secure working safety. (DHAS120AP)

Emergency hydraulic system & emergency manual control lever

In emergencies like engine failure and transmitter malfunction, emergency hydraulic system and emergency manual control lever can be used as alternatives.

Cableveyor system