The pick-up truck mounted aerial work platform

DHA 102AP / DHAS 120AP

This unit is the most suitable for special mobile working which requires swift movement such as construction and maintenance of communication line, and connection of optical cable. Also, this unit is available for general aerial work.

Convenience and safety devices for opertors -The return sensor into 0° is applied to stow the boom at the right positon. -It has high stiffness suspension in the rear chassis to improve driving performance. -All-in-one type tool box is applied to utilize the storge space.

Special vehicle optimization of KORANDO SPORT


DC motor power pack

The power pack which withstands max. 30 minutes operation is applied.

Power switch box

It is composed to easy operations, installed emergency stop switch for in case.

Boom system

Boom has been developed to efficient and stable operation with any working condition with articulated 1st, 2nd section boom and telescopic 3rd boom. (DHAS120AP)

Auto leveling bucket

This unit is automatically adjusted the boom leveling by level cylinder to secure bucket horizontality.

Remote control system

It is available to operate all system with built-in the safety program, secure to remote-controls with wireless transmitter.

Auxiliary warning lamp

Installed LED warning lamp at column and boom provide to safety working.

Front/Rear outrigger

A-type front outrigger, H-type rear outrigger have been applied in side the vehicle to secure working safety. (DHAS120AP)

Multi-usage tool box

Tool box is provided to storge of tools and parts.