eco-friendly synthetic wood, designed fence, rail decks, T20 x W95, T20 x W150, T25 x W95, T25 x W150, C T25 x W150, T28 x W150, T30 x W150, T35 x W150, horizontal fence, vertical fence, rope fence, non-bracket fence

NFC Introduce / Features

Natural Fiber Composite Wood' is a new material in the building materials processed by utilizing the advantages of wood and plastic means.



One timber and utilizing the advantages of the plastic extrusion using lignocellulosic fibers and thermoplastic resin molding N.F.C Wood is an eco-friendly building material with excellent durability that can be permanently used as a new concept of new materials by the complementary domestic, invasion, naechungseong disadvantages of wood.


Stability and machinability

Little deformation or cracking due to UV rays and external environmental factors such as temperature changes do excellent dimensional stability and can be of various shapes and colors, a wellness area director of production and construction specifications for the application.



Waterfront, waterfront park, water absorption less maintain uniform quality wool in the award stage, such as a wetland area, and there is no deformation, corrosion or corruption.



Can produce a natural natural texture and different colors and easy to various image as processability, such as wood, it can produce environment-friendly natural landscapes that make the surrounding scenery and beautiful harmony by expressing my / exterior to a more luxurious image of luxury buildings .



Environmental and human friendly materials inhibit the growth of various bacteria, including harmful fungi, E. coli to humans as 99.9%, eco-friendly building materials that prevent contamination by liquids and has the inward fungal such as non-toxic, odorless.


Pest resistance

Human body without embalming, my antimicrobial resistance, weather resistance is excellent, and maintain a refreshing space with the release of negative ions and far infrared beneficial to humans