eco-friendly synthetic wood, designed fence, rail decks, T20 x W95, T20 x W150, T25 x W95, T25 x W150, C T25 x W150, T28 x W150, T30 x W150, T35 x W150, horizontal fence, vertical fence, rope fence, non-bracket fence

Harmony of nature and human

Young and innovative technologies pay all efforts in research and development of eco-friendly Products Co. Ltd is Anywood.

Creating value for customer satisfaction, happy world for the best products, Achieve harmony between nature and human happiness Annie Wood + This plant is dedicated to the natural horn and composition to create a rich and beautiful world of urban space in a pleasant shelter.

Always a challenge with all sincerity to strive to develop environmentally friendly products and practical inheritance to our descendants and promise to continue to run our best efforts, this is the best company with the highest customer satisfaction and quality-first policy.

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Think for nature ANYWOOD


· Established AnnieWood. Ltd
· PVC extruded specialty (deck railing material, soundproof wall)


· Direct production of synthetic wood certification (small business cooperatives).
· ISO 14001: 2009 Environmental Management System Certification
· ISO 9001: 2009 quality management system certification
· KS Product Certification (No. 12-0288)
· KS F 3230 "Wood plastic composite floor plates" (Korea Standards Association) standard certification
· Fence organization design type certification standard display
· Direct Fastening for metal fences produced authenticated
· Public Procurement Register General Store MAS (synthetic wood, soundproof wall, fence design type)
· Synthetic wood, and a production method using the coal ash (Patent No. 10-1293617)


· Lightweight artificial wood, and preparation method minimizes the water content of the synthetic wood    (Patent No. 10-1283502)
· Eco-label certification (Part No. 11 715) - Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute
· Landscape Contractor installing facilities acquired Venture company (Small Business Corporation)
· Certification research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
· Prefabricated soundproof panels (Patent No. 10-1447448) Patent register
· Green Technology Certification (Part No. GT-15-00006), Minister of Environment


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· Green Technology Products Certification (the GTP - 15-00016 No.) Minister of Environment
· Performance Certificate (No. 22-107), Small and Medium Business Administration
· Prefabricated decks, fences and loading system by Using eco-friendly composite wood (Patent No. 10- 1498268)
· Founded 2015, Gangwon Gangwon Province Forum Small and Medium Business Administration awarded commendation
· First, Korea Invention Promotion Association selected outstanding inventions Buy recommendation (Article No. 2015-1802)